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This is a free service for private sale of Magnum-type items only. Send your Readers' Market ads to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (maximum 20 words per ad). Ads are edited where necessary. Your name, address and contact details must be provided, though they will not be published. Readers' Market ads will remain on the site until the new issue is available.


Collector’s item: Double-barrel shotgun, manufactured late 1800’s or beginning 1900’s, in very good condition. 

Jan 084-700-1379 (012) 

7mm Rem Mag, once-fired brass, R7 each. 

Fred 073-789-1727, 028-754-3098 

Remington 700-BDL .270 Winchester, made 1972, very accurate, excellent condition, R10,000. 

Paul 083-486-9070 (011) 

FEG 9mm Short pistol, with 2x mags, R2500. 

Theron 082-812-0705 (053) 

Big Wet Media tumbler. 

Frans 082-491-6997 (012) 

.38Spl, 9mmP, .45ACP, .455, .44Mag, .32ACP, .303, .308 dies. Chrono, lubrisizer, moulds, Lee High Production set. 


Custom Ruger No.1, .240 Weatherby Magnum, dies, cases, ammo, R27,500. 

Trevor 082-419-9199 (033)

Sako .222 Rem, scoped, dies, R11,000; Foster Bonanza .300Win bench rest dies, R750 excluding delivery. 

082-321-6265 (018) 
Once-fired brass, .375 RWS, PMP 7x57; .375 300gr, 7mm 170gr PMP bullets. 

083-557-8909, 017-631-5563 

New Winchester .30-06 Model 70 Sporter, Leupold 3x9x40 scope, Leupold mounts, carry-case, sling, bag, R17,000. 

082-498-7956 (031) 

 Reloading dies: .308W, .22-250, .243W, .303B, .222R, .224Wby, .357M, 9mmP, .380, Lyman, RCBS, CH, Hornady/Pacific. 3-9x40 Tasco scope.   Guy 073-154-1397 (031) 
Air Arms ProSport air rifle, immaculate condition, R9,500.  011-888-2692, 079-274-1922 
Collector Rifles:  Winchester Model 61 .22WRF, octagonal barrel, Westley Richards Martini .577/.450, long barrel, R6000 each.  Jeremy 083-285-5669 (013) 
Brno .22 rifle, Mannlicher 4x32 wide-angle scope, 3x magazines, bag & sling. License expires 2019.  Desmond Dye 083-769-0862 (011) 
100x .270 brass doppe, een maal geskiet vir herlaai.  Hennie 083-399-9989 (012) 
Bull sable shoulder mount R/W, 43" +, buyer to collect, R7500.  Alan Walker 021-797-6449 
.222, .243, 6mm, .270, 7x64, 7mm, 7mm-08, .30-06, .303, 8x68S, .375H&H, .300 Savage brass. 

083-227-8329, 082-459-1130 (053)

200x Remington cases for 7mm SAUM, R5000 for the lot.  James Haddad 071-420-9606 (053) 


Any bullet casting equipment, production pot, moulds, sizer, dies etc.  Guy 073-154-1397 (031) 
Arms collector buying old guns, swords, bayonets, in any condition, free valuations and advice.  Peter 031-562-9591, 083-415-5627 
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