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This is a free service for private sale of Magnum-type items only. Send your Readers' Market ads to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (maximum 20 words per ad). Ads are edited where necessary. Your name, address and contact details must be provided, though they will not be published. Readers' Market ads will remain on the site until the new issue is available.

5 October 2018  
.375 Bullets: Rhino 300gr, 5x boxes/25, R390 each; 380gr, 2x boxes/25, R300 each; Nosler Partition 260gr, 1x box/50, R750. (R2 900 the lot.) Theo
082-466-4006 (012)
Post sight inserts for Parker Hale tunnel front sights, as used in school BSA cadet rifles.   Rupert
082-964-0793 (021)
Arms collector buying old guns, swords and bayonets, in any condition. Free valuations and advice.   Peter 031-562-9591, 083-415-5627
20 September 2018  
Rifle safe for 2x rifles and ammo, very good condition. Height 138cm, Width 41cm, Depth 36cm, R1950.  Brian van Vuuren
5 September 2018  

Once-fired brass: .270WSM, .280 Ackley Improved, .300 Weatherby, 7.82 Lazeroni Warbird,
.30 US carbine.

082-657-4681 (046)

Magnum magazine collection, from 1st issue. Offers?

Laki 083-228-1873 (021)

Hornady bullets in .375H&H 270gr, Kynoch .375H&H nitro-express, all soft nose.

083-399-9989 (012)


Cases or ammunition for 10.75x68 Mauser.

Jarrod 082-493-2573 (011)

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