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This is a free service for private sale of Magnum-type items only. Send your Readers' Market ads to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (maximum 20 words per ad). Ads are edited where necessary. Your name, address and contact details must be provided, though they will not be published. Readers' Market ads will remain on the site until the new issue is available.


Caracal 9mm pistol, 3x 18-round mags, tactical holster and twin mag pouch, 200x rounds, carry case, like new, R7000. 

072-859-1055 (013) 

Walther 4.5mm air guns: LG90 Match rifle, R5000; CP2 Match air pistol, R5000. 

073-347-2599 (021) 

.44Mag Lee reloading dies, factory crimp, 2 Lee moulds; 240swctl 2 cav, 300gr fp 6 cav, 100x Federal brass, 400x fired Win brass, R3500 or separate. 

073-347-2599  (021) 

Sweany USA scope collimator, with spuds for .22, .270, .300, .375, 9mm, .45ACP, in vinyl pouch, new condition, R1500. 

Paul 011-883-6032 

Nazi P38 Spreewerk, licensed, with original leather holster, matching serial numbers, with Reichsadler and Swastika, R9000 ono. 

Simon Oliver 082-218-3184 (021) 

Brno .30-06 ZKK600 Deluxe rifle, with Lynx LX2-10x38 scope and Reflex suppressor, excellent condition, R14,000. 

Brian 082-740-5150 (015) 

Sabel ejector, double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun, side-by-side, hardly used, mint condition, R5500. 

van Rensburg 021-847-1602,

Complete reloading equipment for .22-250, .243, .308, .30-06, 9mmP, .45ACP, .44Mag, bullet moulds, resizing press. 

Dudley 082-782-9671 (evenings) (046) 
Sauer collectors: .375H&H Cotl Sauer 90;  93x64 Breneke Sauer 90; cases, dies, rifles in excellent condition, R35,000 each. 

Clive 082-805-5729 (011) 

.270Win Mag once-fired brass X100 for reloading, R8 each. 

Hennie 083-399-9989 (012) 

 Air Arms ProSport air rifle, immaculate condition, R9,500.   011-888-2692, 079-274-1922 
Lee Load-All +725 once-fired plastic 12gge shells, RCBS Birdan de-capping tool, 9mm Lee Luger reloading set.  Harold 083-442-1491 (011) 
CZ 550 Lux .270Win rifle, new, in dealers stock, R12,500; Brno .375 stock, professionally refinished, R3000; Brno .30-06 stock, as new, R2000.  Bruce 082-069-6948 (011) 
Ruger Mini-14 stainless semi-auto 5.56 rifle, with ATI stock, 4x mags, Voltex Sparc red-dot sight, 100x reloads, like new, R14,000.  072-859-1055 (013) 



8mm (.32cal.) gas checks. 

Dirk 082-712-0915 (012) 

Arms collector buying old guns, swords, bayonets, in any condition, free valuations and advice. 

Peter 031-562-9591,

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