Victrix Rifles by Phillip Hayes

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Victrix Rifles by Phillip Hayes: The most accurate factory-made rifles

Imagine buying a factory rifle from a retailer, taking it to the range, selecting a load that might work and hand-loading it on the spot, then, in a howling wind, shooting two bullets within three inches of each other at one kilometre.

Well, it now seems possible with Victrix’s brand new Tormentum rifle in .375 CheyTac – since this is pretty much what I did on a 1 000m range near Meyerton.

Rifle manufacturer Victrix, having recently become part of the Beretta Group, introduced their high-end rifles at IWA in Germany last year. The range comprises a tactical series ­(Minerva), a competition series (Victoria) and hunting rifles (Lunae).

The first Victrix rifles recently landed in South Africa. I test-fired two from their tactical range: the flagship Tormentum in .375 CheyTac (also available in .408 CheyTac) and the ­Gladius in 6.5x47 Lapua.

Victrix also offers off-the-shelf rifles for competing at the highest level of F-Class. The maker chose Benchmark as its exclusive barrel supplier. The rest is done in-house. The action is similar in design to a Remington 700, and the chassis can be used on most stocks made for the Remington 700. The bolt-head has three locking lugs with a 60˚ lift and 105°/105°/150° lug-geo- metry, which provides greater resistance to flexing than the more traditional 120°/120°/120° ‘cloverleaf’ geo- metry. This layout also aids the picking-up and feeding of rounds from a magazine when used in a tactical configuration.

Victrix has developed its own trigger, a dedicated three-lever tactical design, adjustable over an 8–21 ounce range (250–600g) for the tactical rifles, and a four-lever target trigger with an adjustment range of 1–2.5 ounces (30–70g).

The action and bolt are machined from 17.4PH stainless steel and then hardened (body 48 Rockwell, bolt 45 Rockwell), and Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coated with chromium nitride and nobium – for wear-resistance and smooth operation. I was told that the PVD coating makes the need for oil or grease obsolete; we tested the rifles without any oil on them and the actions were extremely smooth.

Tenon thread is M27x1.5 and, of course, tolerances are ‘benchrest’ standard. Picatinny rails are screwed and pinned to the action.

The Tormentum’s action is scaled and beefed up ­considerably to accommodate the more powerful cartridges and the bolt head has the normal 120/120/120 degree locking lugs.

Read the full article in the September 2017 issue of Magnum.

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