Inceptor ARX Defence Ammo

A light-weight takes on heavy-weight defence!

ARX bullets are made from polymer and copper, resulting in lightweight 9mm ammunition with a 65gr bullet travelling at 1620fps for 379ft-lbs of energy. The bullets have flutes to impart maximum hydraulic displacement – creating a wound channel comparable to soft-nose expanding bullets, yet, the ARX does not expand.

The GR Team compared the terminal performance of the ARX 9mm ammunition in ballistic gelatine with 124gr Sig’s V-Crown ammo.

The results were surprising, both delivered impressive wound channels in the gel. The heavier V-Crown penetrated slightly better but the ARX had almost no recoil.

If you’re recoil shy or use a lightweight handgun this ammo makes a lot of sense.

Sig’s V-Crown (left) and the ARX retrieved from ballistic gel. Wound channels were similar in size and length.

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