Foxpro Hammerjack Predator Caller

Ready for action.

The FOXPRO HammerJack caller is a small, portable, electronic caller packed with great features that functions with a handheld remote. It comes standard with 100 FOXPRO sounds but can hold up to 300 sound effects.

The caller has two speakers and produces excellent sound quality and high volume levels. Distress sounds of rabbits, small rodents, birds and other animals, are sharp and undistorted, even at higher volumes. This speaker is a significantly better than those on other FOXPRO models. The rear cone speaker works best for sounds that have a significantly lower frequency content and is not as loud as the front horn speaker.

Foxpro Dissassembled
Foxpro disassembled.

The caller can also accommodate two external speakers using 3.5mm plugs. The volume level can then be increased. It’s recommended that an external speaker with an impedance rating of 8-ohms be used.

Battery power is directly linked to how loud the caller is played. Using one speaker, expected run time is 6 to 15 hours, using both it’s 3 to 10 hours. You will need eight AA batteries. I suggest you use only high-capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries. The remote needs three AA batteries.

Foxpro remote
Foxpro remote.

The remote fitted my hand perfectly and, even when wearing gloves, my thumb could easily reach all the buttons. In addition the buttons stand proud which makes them easier to feel during night work. The display lights up in red and the lettering is black. This a useful improvement on the green and blue LCD screens on other FOXPRO models. You can change the intensity of the backlight, the screen contrast, and set the duration for the backlight timeout on the remote.

It also has a FOXBANG feature which, when activated, automatically switches to an assigned function after it picks up on a shot e.g. it can go to mute.

The HammerJack uses FOXPRO’s proprietary audio file type (FXP), MP3 and uncompressed WAV files. The caller can be programmed with a computer, using a USB 2.0 A/B printer cable (not included). The caller does not support MP4, WMA or other file types.

Various factors determine the maximum range between the remote and the caller. The manual says 200m.

Ready for action.

The HammerJack also features a decoy system, the FoxJack 4 with the FOXPRO Fuzzy Wuzzy topper. It uses the caller’s power for decoy motion and is controlled by the remote. An integrated LED can be used at night to subtly illuminate the decoy.

This FOXPRO is robust enough to handle the knocks and bumps, dust and moisture that come with this type of nighttime work. Being small and compact it is no trouble to carry in the field and store in a vehicle, plus it is easy to operate and has all the necessary features for successful predator control.

It is an excellent instrument for both professional and novice predator hunters, and well worth the suggested retail price of R6 500. For stockists contact Formalito on 012-664-7793.


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