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7 June 2021

.425 Westley Richards (.435 Dia) bullets. Contact Rose 082-605-1144 (Johannesburg).


31 May 2021

May editions of Man/Magnum for 1976, 1978, 1988 and 1996. Perry 083-561-1441 (Somerset West).


27 May 2021

.228 bullets for sale. Contact Brett via WhatsApp 082-310-4940 or email for more details. (Northern Cape).


26 May 2021

Rifle with a bull-barrel in one of the following calibres: .300 Win Mag, .270 Win, 7×64 Brenneke or .284 Win. Call Don 021-850-0654 or Whatsapp 084-333-1717 or


26 May 2021

Giraffe shoulder mount in pristine condition. R8 000. Tony 079-820-2181 (Durban).


29 April 2021

RCBS reloading kit for 9mmP and .38/357 Magnum, used
brass. R10 000. Willem 082-413-6196.


28 April 2021

Verskeie vlakvark tande te koop. Maak ‘n aanbod. Rea Ferreira 083-760-1455.


28 April 2021

.338 Win Mag components: 400 x 225gr Hornady Interlock bullets R800; 50 x 250gr Barnes X Triple Shock bullets R750; 50 x Winchester NEW  brass cases R700; 49 x fired cases R250.00. Components for .30-06:  80 x 200gr Sierra Game King bulletsR500; 185 x 165gr  Sierra Game King bullets R1000; 120 x 200gr Nosler Partition bullets R1000; 112 fired cases R400. Mike 082-410-7491.


28 April 2021

275 x .357 full wadcutter 148gr lead cast bullets R150.00; 620 x Frontier .357 SWC 158gr lead cast bullets R350; 92 x Speer .357 110gr JHPs R250; 53 x Speer .357 158gr JHPs R180; 740 x 9mm short cases R2250; 650 x CMJ Restrike .355 100gr FMJ 9mm short bullets R700; 50 x Speer (8780) shot shell capsules R200; 900 x .35 Hornady gas checks R300.00. Mike 082-410-7491.


13 April 2021

Sauer 200 rifle in .30-06. R18 000. Ed 082-977-4378 (031).


7 April 2021

Rifle bag that can take a scoped rifle (e.g. 308 calibre) for sale. R230. Contact 082-400-3822.


29 March 2021

Fire proof safe for storing firearms and valuables. Combination lock, 72cm wide, 96cm deep and 178cm high. Weight 1 000kg. R14,500. Andries 083-378-8002 (Upington)


24 March 2021

Holland & Holland nitro proof hammer double Pre 1900 .450NE with new extra barrels in .470NE and 9.3x74R. USD 10K Neg. Bruce +263-772115485 (Zimbabwe).


23 March 2021

RCBS reloading kit. Includes press, 10/10 scale, uniflow powder measure, auto primer feed and more. Also Lyman case tumbler, Lyman powder dribbler and Pro Chrono Chronograph. R7000.00 neg  the lot or items can be sold separately. Also for sale various reloading dies – 30-06, .38/357 tungsten, 9mm short (.380ACP) and .338 Win Mag  R650.00 each neg – New and  used cases and  bullets also available for the above calibres. Mike 0824107491.



9 March 2021

Classic airguns: 2 x antique Dianna ‘Luft Geweer’ airguns in .177 calibre and a Falke Mod 70  in 5.5mm.  All in  good to fair condition. R3 000 takes all.  WhatsApp Michael on 084-517-2024.


3 March 2021

Wanted, dead or alive, old Leitz binoculars. R500. Contact Michael on  084-517-2024. KZN.


1 March 2021

Reloading dies for sale: RCBS: 2 sets .357/.38 spcl; .45ACP; .223 REMINGTON; Lyman .44 Mag/.44Spcl; PACIFIC Durachrome .357/.38Spcl. All sets R650 ONCO each. One set can be swapped for a set of 9mm para dies. Guy 079-758-8177


22 February 2021

Walther CP2 Match in good condition .177 anatomical adjustable walnut grip, spare tank, original test target. R5 000. Call Julian on 078-864-5829 (021).


18 February 2021

Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 ZS scope with MOART reticle, NF duty mounts, bubble level and angle indicator: R35 000.
Tikka SS CTR 6.5 Creedmoor, GRS bi-frost stock, Sus-Tac silencer, Nordiske bi-pod, Redding Type S match die set, 300 Lapua cases and many extras, rifle is in mint condition: R35 000.
CZ 550 375H&H rifle, has been glass bedded, Leupold 1.5-5×20 scope, Warne QD mounts, dies, cases and extras, rifle is in very good condition: R25 000. Geoff 083-489-8865 (Centurion)


18 February 2021

Antique BSA 1913 air rifle . In excellent condition, needs to be serviced. R10 000. Contact Trevor on


15 February 2021

Reloading dies : RCBS: 2 sets .357/.38 spcl; .45ACP; .223 Remington; Lyman .44 Mag/.44Spcl; PACIFIC Durachrome .357/.38Spcl. All sets R650 ONCO each. One set can be swapped for a set of 9mm para dies.
Guy 079-758-8177


2 February 2021

Stainless Colt Officer’s ACP .45 ACP- Series 80 MK IV. Bevelled mag extension. Flared & lowered ejection port.3 mags.Impeccable. Rare. R15 000. ONCO. Guy 079-758-8177


1 February 2021

.308 Bullets for sale:
100 x  165gr Hornady BTSP. R700
88 x 180 Speer Grand Slam. R700
80 x 180gr Speer RN. R400
50 x 150gr Nosler Partition. R600
Contact JJ Els on 041 -715 -2427 or 083-564-4146.


29 January 2021

Berdan decapping tool – as new. R900 onco. Kobus 084-208-1534.


26 January 2021

Brno ZZK602 De Lux  .375 H&H for sale. Tasco 1.75x5x20 (Japan) plus extras. R18 000.
Johann Potgieter  082-856-3798


18 January 2021

Copy of the original book Portraits of the Game and Wild Animals of Southern Africa by W. Cornwallis-Harris. In perfect condition, still in the original shipping box. Printed in 1976 by Frank Read Press in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) only 500 copies were produced. Each copy was numbered and a list of subscribers is entered in the front of the large book (approximately 50 x 30cm). R3 000. Contact Iain 072-517-3131 or email (Somerset West)


15 January 2021

enlarged image

Trijicon Tenmile 4.5-30×56 first focal (34mm tube) long range scope.  Easy-focus eyepiece, a re-positionable magnification throw lever, windage adjustment is 14.5MRAD and elevation a massive 30MRAD. Illuminated reticle (you can choose between red and green) provides a clear aiming point and is also ideal for shooting with both eyes open in low light conditions, a feature that is made possible with the low magnification. The reticle is a of the Christmas tree type – called a Precision Tree. Only used for three range sessions. Included in the box is, among other items, a sunshade, Tenebraex flip lens covers (designed for the US military) and a scope coat. R40 000. Contac Chris on 082-490-3114.enlarged image


18 December 2020

Ruger No 1 .338 win magnum (collectors item) with Lynx P3-9x42D scope, dies and reloading components. R25 000.00 Mike 082-410-7491


23 November 2020

Krico 8×68 rifle. In excellent condition, hardly used. Walnut stock, with Tasco Euro Class 1.5-6 Scope. R18 000. Western Cape. Tony 083-408-3895.


2 November 2020

.22 Llama pistol, 7.65 Berretta pistol, .44 Magnum Uberti revolver, .38 spl Taurus revolver, .22 Armenius revolver, .22/410 Dumoulon rifle, Musgrave 7.62 rifle RSA action Bisley. Deceased estate. Contact Andrew Smith 082-801-7995, for details.

20 October 2020

M&S aperture sight for Musgrave RSA Bisley rifle. Photos available. Offers? Brian 083-650-3687 (Lydenburg).

14 October 2020

Brno .375H&H rifle in mint condition. R18 000. Shotgun. Astra single barrel 12-bore. R2 000. Western Cape. 083- 408-3895

7 October 2020

Licenced Winchester Model 88,  .243 Lever Action  rifle, no scope, recently used – last hunting season. Offers considered. Jimmy 074-476-6729. (Bethlehem)

22 June2020

Wanted: Schmidt & Bender Riflescope. A7 Reticle 3-12×42. New unused. Dannie 083-785-2857. (012)

.223 Tikka Super Varmint, SS, 18mm CNC thread R17 500, LYNX Scope 5-30×56 R15 000, 34mm Warne rings R2 000. Hannes 083-680-4151. (014)

CZ .375 H&H with Zeiss scope and Nielsen silencer, including 50 cases. R20 000. Coen Potgieter 083-455-2923. (017)

Mannlicher Luxus .270 Win with Leupold  swing-off EAW rings. Full reloading set-up including competition dies. Rienck 084-569-4811. (021)

.300H&H Winchester Magnum, Model 70 Pre-64 with Leupold VARI-X II 3-9×40. Dies Incl. R18 000. Willem 071 875 2692 (018)

22 May 2020

LEE 9mmP die set used. LEE .38 Special die set brand new, never used. R500 each, Graham Bowran 071-883-7197 (031)

6 May 2020

Complete set of Man Magnum magazines in black files. R2 000.
Keith 083-280-6088. (043)

LEE Single bench press, LEE hand auto primer, LEE auto powder measure, Lyman Tumbler. R1 000 o.n.c.o.
Graham Bowran 071-883-7197 (031)

22 April 2020

JPW Gen 2 annealling machine in perfect condition. R2 000.
Erasmus 079-693-3694 (017)

6 April 2020

9mm K (.380) Star pistol. Good condition, ideal for conceal carry, R1 250  onco.
JJ Els, 083-564-4156 (014)

23 March 2020

2x Swarovski Z3 4-12×50 telescopes, different reticles, 1x spotting scope, ideal for long-range shooting.
Andries 083-378-8002 (054)

6 March 2020

Sako 85 in .30-06, Good Condition. R15 000.
Brendan 083-550-4409 (031)

.410 Shotgun. Make: Zabala. R1 500 onco.
Sylvia 079-524-3818 (046)

21 February 2020

7×57 Krico full stock rifle, scoped with 4-12×40 Diamond Back Vortex scope. R13 000.
082-469-2916, (011)

Antique elephant tusk engraved with jumping springbok, weighs 10kg. With legal documents.
Sonja 083-790-0518, (031)

100x Woodleigh hydrostatically stabilized .375 300gr solids, R3 200.
084- 811-2704 (021)

Puma Prospector VGC, with box and serial no. R1 500; Spyderco Civilian VG10, mint, R2 000; Arno Bernard bird knife, excellent, R3 000.
Brian 083-650-3687, (013)

Ruger .243, year 2017, Panamax 4.5-14×50 AO IR scope, dies, 5-gun safe, cleaning kit, cases, R10 000 onco.
Hugh 083-778-1612, (039)

Raw elephant tusks, weight 3.53kg & 3.49kg. In possession of a certified permit. Serious buyers only. R150 000.
Catherine 072-680-2565 (011)

Ideal for hunting lodges: a collection of the British Colonial Era interior decor and artworks. Over 100 pieces – original artworks, relics, antique wares of decor. 46 framed artworks – Thomas Baines (Victoria Falls), colour lithographs of the limited edition of monkeys/lions, vintage collection. Over 40 pieces of brass other metals and decor items. Over 10 pieces of vintage furniture – vintage classic deck chairs/silk palm trees. Valuators and Appraisers valued the entire collection. Serious buyers only. R80 000.
Catherine 072-680-2565 (011)

22 January 2020

Leica ER 6.5-26×56 LRS rifle scope, ballistic reticle, brand-new, still in box, including Lynx rings, R20 000.
082-491-3298 (011)

.44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk, in briefcase, many extras, holster etc. Photos on request, R13 000.
Werner 073-832-7784 (011)

Winchester Model 70, calibre .308, mint condition; Brno calibre .375 Holland & Holland, never used.
Max Wendlinger 083-321-6143 (016)

Cases: 14x .500/.416, R20 each; 25x 8x68S, 9x 7mm Rem Mag, R10 each.
Michael 082-469-7856 (012)

.303 rifle, new barrel built on Lee Enfield tilting block action, open sights, new stock, sling, camo bag. R5 000.
079-353-0814 (011)

.32 Webley Mark IV revolver, good condition, R2 000; Webley & Scott 16BR, side by side shotgun, good condition, R1 000.
082-492-8688 (031)

6 January 2020

8×60 brass or ammo.
Stony 082-458-9594 (018)